Jiggle peeking is one of the essential techniques that takes advantage of the core mechanics in a peekers advantage game like Valorant. This technique is used to clear out commonly guarded open angles, and it is highly efficient in isolating opponents to get an easy elimination.

Ideally, you want to start by holding angles which the opponents would peek at to get information. Follow it up with a swift jiggle movement by alternating between the left and right directional keys to strafe and quickly peek the angle. Combining this technique with a well-placed crosshair and precise reaction time will catch any opponent caught off-guard.

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For example, consider peeking as an attacker from the A short area on Valorant’s Bind map. Defenders would hold angles at A Lamps, or opposite to A Teleporter. So before moving to an advanced position you will need to clear out these angles. The best way to do it is to keep your crosshair at head height before swiftly jiggle peeking from A Short.

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Crosshair placement, precise reaction time, strafing and counter-strafing are the most important factors behind jiggle peeking in Valorant. After mastering the quick strafe motion, you can pre-fire and wall bang opponents anchoring at these common angles.

This technique essentially makes you a difficult target to hit since your Agent is only visible to the enemy for a quick moment. Make sure to keep your crosshair placed at the opponents’ head height to take full advantage of this technique.

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