Older computer games have lots of charm, and it’s no secret that modding for them can be a pure delight. Doom II is still a popular title, and it gets mods pretty regularly. One of the newest mods involves being able to take out NFT’s in place of the game’s normal enemies.

This fun mod was created by UltraBoi and can be easily found at Moddb. The process for setting up the mod is pretty simple, especially in comparison to other games like Skyrim. You will need to download the mod and the program to run it, but all in all, this is an easy process.

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Here’s how to install the NFT Doom mod:

  • Click here to download the mod.
  • Download GZdoom by clicking here.
  • Go into the game’s source file and copy the WAD file, then paste it into a seperate folder.
  • Ensure that the GZDoom icon is on your desktop.
  • Place the copied Doom II WAD file into the GZdoom folder.
  • Drag and drop the NFT_Doom mod into the GZDoom icon on your desktop.
  • Ensure that the mod is equipped and hit play game.

In most cases, this should be a pretty smooth process, especially if you only are using the NFT mod. If you are trying to install multiple mods to Doom II at once, then you made need to edit the launch order using another program.

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