After much demand from the community, the developers Stunlock Studios have added the ability to install and play mods for its title V Rising. To install mods for V Rising, you must first set up the mod framework by installing the BepInExPack,  followed by pasting your favorite mods in the folder.

How to download mods for V Rising — ModernCamera example

As mentioned earlier, being a brand new title, a few websites have downloadable mods for the game. We recommend using the V Rising Thunder Store, as it is popular among the community. Download the BepInExPack framework and follow the given steps.

  • The downloaded framework should be in .zip format. Extract the content using any extraction software of your choice.
  • Open the V Rising installation folder on your system. You can find the location by right-clicking the title on the Steam game list and choosing the properties option. Select Local files and click the browse button to open the V Rising folder.  
  • Paste all the extracted files of the framework in the main folder of V Rising. Steam LocationsteamappscommonVRising.
  • After pasting the framework, you will find a new folder called BepInEX. Open the folder, and create a new sub-folder named “Plugins” inside it. Make sure to name the folder as mentioned. Otherwise, the game will not detect any installed mods.
  • Now, download any mod of your choice from the site. For explanation purposes, we are using the ModernCamera mod that allows us to zoom in and out of the game.
  • After downloading the prescribed mod, extract the folder and copy the ModernCamera.dll from the folder.
  • Paste the copied .dll file in the newly created plugins folder. Steam LocationsteamappscommonVRisingBepInEXPluginsModernCamera.dll.
  • Open the game, and you will be greeted with a big message “Mods are active” in the main menu. 

Remember, activating mods allows you to play the game only on private or dedicated servers with your friends.

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