Exploring the world of Axiom Verge 2 will have you come across many enemies of different types. Sometimes you may be thinking I shouldn’t be in this area yet with the sheer size and ferocity of some of these enemies, as they can pack a punch. But alas, here you are!

Increasing your maximum health is a surefire way to survive that extra bit longer to hopefully flee without losing your life and starting at your last save. To increase your maximum health, you need to find Red Glowing Balls, otherwise known as Health Node Fragments on your travels. These are mainly hidden away. Some are often are in plain sight, but you need a certain skill to acquire it. Probably one that you don’t have at that moment in time.

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To increase your health chunk once, you need to find five of these Health Node Fragments. Once you have five, you’ll get a permanent increase to your maximum health. Then you need to find another five, so on and so forth. These will be the collectible that you come across the most in your journey and the hardest to collect.

You can find full health nodes that will increase your maximum health by one chunk upon picking up one.

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