Endurance is vital in Tower of Fantasy, as it dictates how far you climb or how far you can jetpack. Getting more Endurance is one of your main priorities as it allows for further exploration around the world of Aesperia. But how exactly do you increase your Maximum Endurance in Tower of Fantasy?

How to get more Stamina in Tower of Fantasy

To get more Endurance in Tower of Fantasy, you must find an item called Mighty Mushroom. You will instantly gain an extra 50 Maximum Endurance upon finding and using a Mighty Mushroom. Currently, there is no other way to increase your Stamina in Tower of Fantasy.

How to get Mighty Mushrooms in Tower of Fantasy

In Tower of Fantasy, you can get more Mighty Mushrooms in two different ways.

Exploration Progress in Tower of Fantasy

The first way to get Mighty Mushrooms is by earning Exploration Points from each of the five areas of Aesperia. You will earn one Mighty Mushroom per region by hitting specific increments of Exploration progress.

  • Astra—985 Exploration Progress
  • Banges—1095 Exploration Progress
  • Navia—905 Exploration Progress
  • Crown—765 Exploration Progress
  • Warren—750 Exploration Progress

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Achievement Progress in Tower of Fantasy

The second way to get a Mighty Mushroom is by earning Achievements. Once you have earned over 500 Achievements throughout the six different Achievement categories, head to the Overview category at the very top, and you can claim:

  • Five Gold Nucleus
  • Five Proof of Purchase
  • One Mighty Mushroom
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