In My Time at Sandrock, you are a builder who has recently moved to Sandrock with the goal of restoring it to its former glory. To do this, you will need to work hard each day, collecting materials and building. As you will be collecting a lot of items, you may be wondering how to increase your inventory.

How to increase your backpack space in My Time at Sandrock

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It is a simple task to increase your backpack space and inventory in My Time at Sandrock. All you have to do is open the menu and navigate to the Inventory tab. At the bottom of this tab, you will see a square with a plus sign in the center. Click on this.

You can then spend in intervals of 10 Gol to expand your inventory, though the cost will increase. By spending 10 Gol, you add an additional inventory slot. The more you spend, the more you can increase your inventory. As there are a lot of items and materials to collect, we recommend increasing your backpack space when you can.

Outside of this, you can build storage containers to store items you don’t need to carry with you. We recommend placing these near your workbench or recycler so that you have easy access to your stored items.

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