Item management is a massive part of Greak: Memories of Azur. You get a very limited inventory at the start of the game, and these can get filled up fast due to picking up cooking ingredients or food to regenerate your life points.

There is a way to increase your inventory slots in Greak, but only once, and only for two of your characters. Greak and Adra. But it will cost you Cribes, the game’s currency. To get your only additional slot, you need to head to the Raven’s Raod Camp shop run by a person named Irene. This shop is to the blacksmith’s right, who is just below you where you wake up.

But due to being able to control three people eventually, each character has their own inventory space. Meaning, you have to upgrade each individual person’s slots—buying one does not increase everybody’s. Raydel, the third character does not get an inventory slot upgrade.

Interact with her by pressing B on controller and E on keyboard. Select I’d like to make a purchase option, and then select the Scout Bag or the Adventurer’s Bag for Adara. This will permanently add an additional slot to your inventory at the cost of 100 Cribes.

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