In Breakwaters, players will level up the following three skill groups by performing various actions in the game:

  • Homesteading
  • Adventuring
  • Exploration

You can level up Homesteading by building items such as walls or Contraptions. To level up Adventuring, you will need to complete quests you get from NPCs and kill monsters. 

Pretty simple so far, but if you want to level your Exploration skills, you will need to find new islands and explore points of interest. 

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You can find new islands by building a boat or by taking a Ferry ride to one. If you want to explore points of interest, you need to locate ruins and explore them in the game.

What Homesteading, Adventuring and Exploration do in Breakwaters Explained

If you don’t know what levels Homesteading, Adventuring, and Exploration do in Breakwaters, in short, all three add levels to hydration, hunger, and health.

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Getting points to Hydration, Hunger, and Health, will allow you to survive longer without food and water and last longer in fights with more HP.  

Because of this, it’s recommended to level all three skills up as soon as possible. Luckily it’s easy as all you have to do is just play the game, slay monsters, build a base, and explore islands in the game.

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