If you like the feeling of leveling up in games, then Horizon Forbidden West will get a thumbs up on your list. The game loves to encourage you to craft and upgrade items. Doing this will also make things easier in the long run. So, here’s how to increase the Medicine Pouch capacity.

To upgrade your pouch, you will need to add skill points to your Survivor Skill Tree. Click over to the health section, and you will see a tree specifically for your medicinal needs. There are two levels to the upgrade, which will allow the pouch to max out at 12 Medicinal Berries when fully upgraded.

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Certain outfits also allow for a capacity boost if you want to use your skill points sparingly. The maximum will always be 12 Medicinal Berries, whichever route you take.

Medicinal Berries are found along your travels in the wild. They will occur on the side of pathways and on the sides of hills etc. The trick is to forage for them every time you see them. That way, you will hopefully never be caught short when you need a health boost during battle.

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