Becoming a Street Hustler is an ambitious career path, one that requires adaptability and strategy. To get better at any of the Street Hustler job paths, you’ll need to increase your Street Hustler skills by practicing, performing, and picking a good location.

What are Street Hustler Skills in BitLife?

In BitLife, Street Hustler is a Job Pack that you can purchase as DLC in the game. When you get the Street Hustler pack, you’ll have the choice of four different paths: Busker, Street Performer, Scam Artist, and Panhandler. With any of these jobs, you’ll need to improve your Street Hustler Skills to get ahead in your career.

How to increase your BitLife Street Hustler Skills

Whatever specific specialty you choose within the Street Hustler career, make sure you are actively practicing your act or scams within the Job tab. This is the most surefire way to increase your Street Hustler Skills. You also need to do regular performances and tasks within your job to increase your skills.

Consider where you live and watch out for streets that have too many police or not enough traffic on them. Ideally, you want a street with low police activity, high pedestrian traffic, and—if you are a Scam Artist—high crime. Police are a major deterrent in the Street Hustler career; they will slow you down at best and get you arrested at worst.

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