In Tunic, you play as a small fox up against dangerous monsters in a large adventure. There are many puzzles and secrets to discover and solve in Tunic. One of these ties into how you fare in combat, such as how to increase your stats in Tunic.

To increase your stats in Tunic, you will need to collect various items. These are placed in the bottom right of your inventory and include the tooth, totem, flower, medicine, leaves, and mushrooms. When standing in front of a statue, open your inventory and select one of the items above to increase that stat.

All Stat increases in Tunic

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  • Tooth: Increases attack.
  • Totem: Increases defense.
  • Flower: Increases HP.
  • Medicine: Increases potion strength.
  • Leaves: Increases stamina.
  • Mushrooms: Increases magic.

Each time you increase a stat, it requires the stat-related item and gold. As you upgrade the same stat multiple times, the cost of gold will increase. Choose which stat you want to increase carefully, as you may not have enough gold to increase all of your stats.

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