Zenith: The Last City is a VR MMORPG featuring an expansive world for players to explore and monsters to fight. One of the primary ways players will travel the world is by climbing and gliding. To do this, players will need stamina which may leave them wondering how to increase their stamina in Zenith: The Last City.

To increase your stamina in Zenith: The Last City, you will need to go to the Shrine of Amara. Here you can get quests to find Amara’s Tears. Once you collect enough to fulfill the quest, return to the shrine and turn them in to increase your stamina. The Shrine of Amara can be found by taking a right out of the city and heading to the far right of the Fractured Plains.

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Amara’s Tears are plentiful and can be found throughout Zenith: The Last City’s world. They appear as floating teardrops. Simply approach them, grab them, and place them in your belt to add them to your inventory. However, they can be hard to spot, so make sure you keep an eye out for them!

Stamina is used for sprinting, gliding, power attacks, and more. Increasing your stamina is a good way to ensure you can reach those high places and glide for longer. You will also be able to defeat more enemies as you can fight for longer.

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