Increasing your Player Rank in Pokemon Masters EX can increase your Stamina capacity. This allows you to recover more Stamina over time and enjoy longer gameplay when online. It’s important to know that the Player Rank system only affects Stamina, so you won’t unlock more content or gain other perks by leveling it up.

To increase your Player Rank, you need to spend Stamina. You’ll gain the same amount of EXP as the Stamina you spend. For example, if a stage costs 20 Stamina, you can expect to gain 20 EXP in return. Likewise, stages that don’t consume Stamina won’t grant EXP.

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After completing a stage, you’ll be informed of how much Player Rank EXP you received and how much more you need to level up. Using Skip Tickets will still grant Player EXP as long as Stamina is also consumed.

Generally, Main Story stages are free to play, but Event and Training stages all cost Stamina. At Player Rank one, you’ll have 40 Stamina. This value will go up by a few points per level and will total to 256 Stamina at Player Rank 130.

If you find that Stamina is still scarce, click the Stamina counter to replenish 100 Stamina for 40 Gems. This can be done a maximum of 10 times per day.

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