Disney Twisted Wonderland is a game that has several different systems you will need to keep up with to progress. On top of having good cards that can win in battles, you will also need to worry about player rank. If you don’t increase your player rank, then your not going to get very far in the game.

Your player rank is a level that is separate from your cards. If you don’t increase your player rank, then you won’t be able to keep progressing in the story, which can be a major problem in the long run. Player rank is also the only thing that can raise how much LP you can have at a time.

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Essentially, the more you level your rank, the more you can do at a time in the game. To level your rank, you will need to participate in lessons to earn experience. Your rank is always shown in a large circle at the top of the screen, so it’s easy to determine where you are in the game.

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