Whenever you obtain a Sync Pair in Pokémon Masters EX, it automatically starts at LV 1. You can level up your Sync Pairs using Level-Up Manuals up to a max of LV 100. But, that isn’t the highest level that a Sync Pair can go to.

In the Sync Pairs menu at the bottom of the game’s main home screen, you can select the Unlock Level Cap option and view all of your Sync Pairs and their level. You can click on any individual Sync Pair to see what level it is currently at and what items are needed to raise their Level Cap.

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The highest level you can currently bring a Sync Pair to is LV 140. Each Sync Pair requires different items to increase their level, and these items can be obtained from their respective Training Area in the Explore option on the main home screen.

Once you have leveled up your Sync Pair to LV 140, its icon will move to the bottom of the list with a red ‘MAX’ symbol above it, indicating that you can not level it up further.

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