To increase inventory capacity in Breakwaters, players must craft one of three bag equipment items. But to craft any of the three bag items, you are going to need certain materials and a builder’s bench.

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Starting with the builder’s bench, you are going to need ten tree branches and eight seagrass to make it. You can get tree branches from hitting trees with an ax, and you get seagrass from breaking grass along the beaches of islands.

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Once you have both materials, go ahead and craft the bench and place it in a good spot. After you get the builder’s bench situated, open it up and view the equipment section of the bench.

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Inside the equipment section of the bench, there will be an option towards the bottom of the page that says bags. See the image above for where the bag section is under equipment.

That said, crafting any of the items that fall under the bag category will allow you to store items inside them, and to craft any of these items will require the materials listed below.

Bag ItemResources Required
Net Bag15 Seagrass, 4 Sticks.
Cloth Bag60 Seagrass, 20 Sticks, 3 Harden Shells.
Backpack1 Net Bag, 40 Seagrass, 18 Sticks 12 Unobtainium.

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