If you are currently experiencing any performance issues in NieR Replicant, the following information below will provide some various fixes to increase FPS in the game.

How to Increase FPS and lock it in NieR Replicant on PC

If you are looking to increase FPS in Nier Replicant on PC, we recommend trying the following steps and fixes. 

  • Update Drivers
  • Install NieR Replicant High FPS Fix
  • Run game in window mode
  • Turn vsync on or off and lock FPS manually. 
  • Change Power management to the Max performance setting
  • Set OpenGL to your current GPU

If you are experiencing any issues regarding performance, we recommend first checking if your drivers are out of date. To do this, you can simply check your driver’s website for the latest version and download the latest one. We also recommend using a program called DDU to uninstall your drivers. 

After this, you can find the rest of the settings and fixes in your graphic card’s control panel and try them out as you wish – most of these settings will be under 3d settings in the Nvidia control panel.

For AMD users, your control panel may also have some of these settings, but if not, you can always try downloading and adding the FPS fix mod at nexus. This mod will fix the game running in supersonic speed with FPS above 60 FPS, and to install it, all you need to do is download it and throw the files in the game’s installation folder.

How to lock FPS on Nier Replicant on PC

Another fix for the animations running way too fast issue is to lock FPS manually. That said, for Nivida users, you will need to go into your control pannel and find a setting called program settings under 3d settings. Once found, you will need to find the game under select a program to customize and find Nier Replicant on the drop-down menu. 

After Nier Replicant is added to the program list, you will need to find a setting called Max Frame Rate and set it to something like 60 to 70 fps. When you are done, this fix should solve any FPS/animation problems you are currently facing. But if you are still facing issues, you can always try downloading 3d party programs such as Rivatuner from Guru3d and lock fps that way. 

That said, start by downloading the program and installing it, and after it is installed, you will need to launch it. Once launched, you will need to add the exe for NeiR Replicant to the program. 

You can do this by hitting add at the bottom left of the program and locating where you installed the game. When you find where the game is installed, you will be able to select the game’s exe and add it to the Rivatuner. Once added, you will be able to set the frame rate for the game via an option to the right under custom direct 3d sound. When you have set the fps, you should now be able to enjoy NieR Replicant without any FPS issues. 

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