In Tower of Fantasy, daring wanderers will have to face hordes of powerful enemies and world bosses. Therefore, it is no surprise that players will constantly strive to amplify their damage output by enhancing their weapons and character stats. This is where crit rate becomes important—this stat increases your chances of landing critical hits in battle, and dealing substantial damage in the process. In this guide, we’ll go over how you can increase your crit rate in Tower of Fantasy.

What is Crit Rate in Tower of Fantasy?

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As briefly mentioned above, crit rate is a numeric percentage denoting the overall chance of you landing a critical hit on your opponent. Critical hits deal massive amounts of bonus damage, as compared to normal attacks. As a result, having a high crit rate will ensure you land multiple critical hits on your enemy to make quick work of them. In Tower of Fantasy, you can check your crit rate from the Character tab.

How to increase Crit Rate in Tower of Fantasy?

Unfortunately, there is no known way in which a player can permanently increase their Character’s crit rate in Tower of Fantasy. Instead, player’s can increase their overall crit damage by upgrading Equipment, obtaining Matrices, and enhancing weapons. With that being said, however, player’s can gain momentary crit rate buffs from Advancing select SSR weapons like Shiro’s Chakram of the Seas, Crow’s Thunderblades, and Samir’s Dual EM Stars.

Best Simulacras for increasing crit rate in Tower of Fantasy


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Shiro’s Chakram of the Seas is a great weapon for dealing AoE damage. At Advancement level six, you gain the ability to trigger a 100% crit rate chance for a short duration after using Shiro’s skill Full Bloom.


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Samir is a dual wielding simulacra who can do massive burst damage, and has great overall CS. At Advancement level three, Samir gains 40% crit rate against electrified targets.


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Crow is one of the best simulacras for increasing crit rate in Tower of Fantasy. Advancing the Thunderblades to one-star will give you a 40% increased crit rate when attacking opponents from behind. Furthermore, if the target is electrified, the crit rate is increased to 100%, and crit damage is buffed by 30%.

How to increase Crit Damage in Tower of Fantasy

As mentioned above, crit damage is the overall damage you deal from critical hits, if and when you land one. The following are some of the ways you can increase your critical damage stats in Tower of Fantasy.

Mind Matrices

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The Matrices found in the Mind tab increase HP and Crit. The rarer the Matrice is, the higher the possible buffs.


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Another way to increase your crit damage is by equipping Gloves. Go to Backpack, select Equipments, and select Gloves. These provide bonus Attack and Crit stats.

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