Corporate Level in NBA 2K22 next-gen version determines what kind of endorsement deals and branding opportunities a MyPlayer can get. To increase Corporate level fast, players can perform runway walks in The City, take on Corporate Level quests, and answer media questions.

Increasing your MyPlayer Corporate level can take some time since the questions, quests, and runway walks are not always available and do not reward a ton of level points. However, if you are on the lookout for these activities, you can reach those higher Corporate level rewards.

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Runway Walks

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The best way to increase your Corporate level fast is by performing Runway walks with certain animations. Walk and turn animations will affect your personal brand levels, and choosing one that increases Corporate level will also decrease Free Spirit level.

  • Walk Animations — Monotone, Understated Elegance, Pensive
  • Turn Animations — Ball is Life, Casual Cool, Motown Moves, The Thespian

Media Questions

Media questions and interviews only pop up every so often, but selecting certain responses will increase the Corporate level. To increase Corporate level with media questions, select the answer that is most basketball and team related. Answering questions in a way that promotes the organization and team will benefit the Corporate level.

By doing these activities, Corporate level will rise, but other branding levels may take a small hit. It is important to balance the levels to unlock endorsements. Many players trying to increase Corporate level want to get the Nike endorsement, which requires Corporate level 8. Keep increasing the level throughout the season by performing activities and then you can obtain the Nike endorsement.

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