Some of the toughest content in Cookie Run: Kingdom involve battles, whether against World Exploration on Dark mode, the Guild Boss, other players in the Arena, the Tower of Sweet Chaos, or the Tropical Soda Islands.

All of these are key areas for farming resources, so it’s important to make your Cookies strong enough to do them regularly. Here’s how you can increase your Cookies’ power level and make them stronger.

Level Up

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The most straightforward way to increase Cookies’ Power is to level them up. All Cookies can be raised to a maximum of level 60. The numbers are slow to go up at first, but as you reach the higher levels, you’ll start to see Power values go up by the thousands per level.

EXP Star Jellies can be farmed from Cookie Houses and Mansions. You also need thousands of them to level up your Cookies to 60, so make sure to prioritize building and leveling up these structures in the early game.

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Promotion and Bonds

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Promoting Cookies gives their base stats a straightforward boost of a few hundred. But more importantly, promoting Cookies that have Bonds with each other will unlock milestones that will increase all your Cookies’ stats by a certain amount.

There are over 20 Bond Buffs in total, and these give you a reason to promote all your Cookies—even those you don’t use. Keep in mind that you don’t need to level up Cookies to promote them!

Costume Sets

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The Costume Gacha not only lets you dress your Cookies in the latest fits but also grants you Costume Buffs by obtaining certain outfits from a particular set. All your Cookies can benefit from these bonuses, so make sure to pull on the Costume Gacha whenever you can! Rainbow Cubes are really hard to get, so it helps to pay attention to events that give them away.

If you don’t like how a particular Costume looks, don’t worry—you don’t need to equip an outfit for it to contribute to the bonus Buffs.


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Toppings are equipment for Cookies—and each can wear as many as five. There are three kinds of Toppings:

  • XS—maximum upgrade of +6; one bonus effect
  • S—maximum upgrade of +9; two bonus effects
  • M—maximum upgrade of +12; three bonus effects

Toppings can be upgraded with Topping Pieces, and reaching +6, +9, and +12 milestones will each unlock a new bonus effect. Bonus effects are rolled at random and give the wearer additional stats in percentages, which can greatly increase their Power gains.

Apart from bonus effects, equipping three or five of the same Topping (the number differs for each kind) will merit the wearer a Set Effect that further enhances the Topping’s strength.

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Treasures are artifacts that can be carried in battle. They either give passive stats that take effect throughout the duration of the battle or work as an active skill and provide bonuses at certain intervals. The effects of Treasures apply to the entire team, so it’s important to carry items that are compatible with all your deployed Cookies. Treasures can also be leveled up using duplicates to further enhance their stats.

Sugar Gnome Laboratory

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Leveling up the Sugar Gnome Laboratory will unlock various buffs for Cookies. These range from HP, DEF, and ATK bonuses that apply to all Cookies that fall under your class category of choice. You can unlock the Sugar Gnome Laboratory by leveling up your Cookie Castle to level 7.


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Landmarks are special Decors that can be purchased with Crystals or built with Coins and building materials. Some Landmarks provide stats to all your Cookies, and leveling them up will further increase their stat distribution.

Check out our guide on What are Landmarks in Cookie Run: Kingdom – Landmark Tier List to help you choose which stat-rewarding structures to build first.

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