Fortnite has many items and weapons that players can use to get a leg up on their competition. One rare explosive that battle royale fanatics can get their hands on is the Firefly Jar. It’s a powerful tool that can set enemy players and structures alight with ease. It’s essential to know how to use this, item though!

Players can obtain Firefly Jars by collecting fireflies around the island while they play. When users grab enough of these creatures, they’ll get a Firefly Jar. Firefly Jars are also hidden in Loot Llamas and earned by beating Marauders. To ignite an enemy player with the Firefly Jar in Fortnite, hit them directly with the explosive by throwing it at them. The item does 40 damage to players if hit. Players can stack six Firefly Jars together, so make sure to collect as many as you can!

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Firefly Jars can also destroy wooden structures, whether players have built them or part of the environment, so use this tool tactfully in the field.

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