To identify the Oni ghost in Phasmophobia, you will need to gather the correct pieces of evidence and mark the ghost in the journal when you have found them all. Doing so will successfully identify the ghost for you in the game. That said, here’s everything you need to identify an Oni.

  • EMF Level 5
  • Freezing Temperatures
  • D.O.T.S Projector

For the most part, you should not have any issues finding all of these, as Onis are really active little goblins. But If you have trouble or just want extra help, Use the chart below to help gather all three pieces of evidence for an Oni in Phasmophobia.

Required EvidenceHow to gather it?
EMF Level 5If you want to get an EMF Level 5 reading, the best way is to run into the house and start annoying the ghost. Sooner or later, if the ghost has EMF Level 5 there will be a higher chance of the EMF reader picking a Level 5 reading up when the ghost interacts with an object.
Freezing TemperaturesFreezing Temperatures is extremely easy to find if the ghost has it as proof. Locate the ghost room or visit every room, and you should eventually find one where your character has a visible cold air graphic. You can also use the thermometer but be sure to read our What is considered Freezing Temperatures in Phasmophobia? for more help on it.
D.O.T.S ProjectorD.O.T.S Projector is another easy piece of evidence to find. Just locate the ghost room, place it down in either the room or the doorway, and place a camera nearby. Once everything is placed, head back

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All Strengths and Weaknesses for the Oni in Phasmophobia

Onis are described as demon-like creatures with extreme strength and become more active when near players. The following are both their strengths and weaknesses.

  • Strength: Onis will become more active if more than one player is nearby or in a group. They will also move more objects when this happens, so keep an eye out for this
  • Weakness: Onis can’t help but be active around more than one player, thus making them easy to find.

Tips and Tricks to identify a Oni in Phasmophobia

Here are some helpful tips we learned when trying to find an Oni in Phasmophobia.

  • Keep an eye out for long periods of inactivity when alone, and then try standing next to a player for long periods of time. Doing so could cause a surge in activity and more ghost events.
  • Place D.O.T.S where the ghost is most active.
  • Search every room until you find one where it’s cold, and you see your character breathing cold air.

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