Many players consider the Mimic to be one of the most difficult ghosts to identify in Phasmophobia because, as the name implies, it can copy the actions and traits of any other type of ghost. The Mimic can also trick you into thinking it is a different ghost based on the evidence it leaves.

The Mimic


To identify a Mimic, you’ll first need to look for its primary evidence factors:

  • Spirit Box
  • Finger Prints
  • Freezing Temperatures
  • Ghost Orbs (Possibly)

The only special case for this list is the Ghost Orbs. If you find Ghost Orbs and two of the other items, take special precaution to rule out the Mimic’s fourth piece of evidence or the suspected ghost type’s third piece of evidence.

That being said, The Mimic is the only ghost that has four pieces of evidence in normal mode and is usually the only ghost with three pieces of evidence in Nightmare mode (which will always include the Ghost Orbs as the third piece). Thus, if you find that much evidence, you can immediately identify your ghost as a Mimic.

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Each piece of evidence is gathered in its own way. Here is how to get all evidence for The Mimic.

Required EvidenceHow to gather it?
Spirit BoxUse the Spirt Box (the device with the orange screen) and go to each room in the house. Ask questions via voice chat such as “Are you Here?”, “Can you show us a Sign?”, and “Where are you?” If the Ghost responds, the Spirit Box can be confirmed as evidence.
FingerprintsBring in a UV light and try to cause ghost activity such as doors shutting, lights turning off, etc. When you spot ghost activity, look around the area for Fingerprints with the UV light, which come off as a bright shade of purple/blue.
Freezing TemperaturesBring in the thermometer and walk around from room to room, watching the temperature go up and down. If at any point the temperature goes below zero degrees Celsius or 32 degrees Fahrenheit, this is proof of Freezing Temperatures.
Ghost OrbsFind the Ghost Room in the house and walk around it with a video camera. If you see small, glowing, white orbs floating around on the screen (usually one at a time), this confirms the existence of Ghost Orbs. Alternatively, you can play it safe by setting the video camera up in the room and watching it from the truck.

Strengths and Weaknesses

  • Strength: We’re unsure of what this ghost is capable of. Be Careful.
  • Weakness: Several reports have noted Ghost Orb sightings near Mimics.

Tips and Tricks

Here are some helpful tips for identifying a Mimic in Phasmophobia.

  • If you believe the ghost is a Mimic, avoid setting off aggressive behavior by avoiding all actions that can trigger said behavior from other ghost types.
  • Oppositely, if you want more reason to believe it’s a Mimic, you can purposely commit actions that would anger other ghost types. This can make it easier to determine if it’s a mimic, since a lot of ghosts have specific things that make them aggressive.
  • Avoid using Ghost Orbs as solid evidence unless you have ruled out the fourth item in the list of Mimic traits or until you confirm the third piece of evidence from the traits of the ghost you suspect. Confirming the third item for suspected ghost types is ideal, since ruling out The Mimic’s fourth evidence is more susceptible to mistakes.

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