To identify the Demon in Phasmophobia, you will need to gather the following pieces of evidence and mark the ghost in the journal when you have found them all.

  • Fingerprints
  • Ghost Writing
  • Freezing Temperature

If you find all three pieces of evidence, mark them in your journal, and it will indicate a Demon as the ghost haunting the map. If you have trouble or just want extra help, Use the chart below to help gather all three pieces of evidence for a Demon in Phasmophobia.

Required EvidenceHow to gather it?
FingerprintsFingerprints are one of the most straightforward evidence types to get in the game. All you need is a UV light and some ghost activity. Start by grabbing both items at the start of a match, and head out. When you arrive in the ghost area, start saying the ghost’s name to cause some activity.
If the ghost interacts with, for example, a door or throws an object, it will leave fingerprints that can be found with a UV light. If you see fingerprints, it means it’s one of the evidence types you need.
Ghost WritingGhostwriting is one of the most tricky evidence types to get as ghosts are often selective when they want to write in the book. To help get ghostwriting, we recommend setting up a camera watching a book to monitor if the ghost touches it. If, after a while, nothing happens, pick the book up and place it in a new location, preferably inside the ghost room. Getting the ghost to be more active may also help.
Freezing TemperatureFreezing temperatures are very easy to figure out as you don’t even need a tool for it. Simply explore every room in the house and watch out for a visual cold breath to appear in front of your character. If you see the temperature, it means the freezing temperature is one of the pieces of evidence you need.

All Strengths and Weaknesses for the Demon in Phasmophobia

Demons are a dangerous ghost type in Phasmophobia, if not the most dangerous. They are among the only ghost types that can hunt earlier than standard 50 sanity. Demons, instead, can start hunting when players reach 65 sanity and will also hunt more often than others. However, they have a key weakness, and it is that they can be detected very easily by using Ouji boards. The reason why is that they will cause no sanity drops when a player gets a ghost response to a question.

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Tips and Tricks to identify a Demon in Phasmophobia

If you need any more help finding a Demon, here are some quick tips and tricks.

  • Locate the ghost room and place the writing book inside of it.
  • Keep a UV light on hand and watch out for fingerprints when things get spooky.
  • Enter every room until you get a cold breath animation.
  • Use crufixs in a wide area of the ghost room or have someone constantly suffle between rooms to cover as much ground as possible.
  • Keep a full stock of sanity pills to refill if you get too low.

The best way to identify a Demon in Phasmophobia

By far, the best way to find a Demon is to locate the Ouija board in one of the rooms in the game. If you find the board, head back to the entrance, place it in front of the door, and start asking questions. However, keep a few pills on hand if you fail, as it will lower your sanity.

Also, check your sanity level before using the board, so you check to see if it falls down in the event of a correct answer. When you get a correct answer, go back to the board, and if the sanity didn’t drop, it means you got a demon on your hands.

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