Occasionally, in Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous, players will encounter several unidentified items. These items are essentially items that hold hidden magical stats that must be identified before you can learn what unique stats they have.

If you want to identify items in Pathfinder, you have to main but reliable ways. The first is to have a character who is knowledgeable in the skill, Knowledge Arcana.

Knowledge Arcana is a special skill that represents a character’s knowledge in magical arts and mainly allows them to learn spells from spell books and scrolls.

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The skill can also help players identify any magical unidentified items they come across. If you have a character with high or at least four Knowledge Arcana, any unidentified items you pick up and place in your inventory should automatically become identified to you.

However, certain items will require a higher Knowledge Arcana before they can be identified. In these cases, you will need to visit shopkeepers who have the option to identify items. 

To have shopkeepers identify items for you, click the option to view their shop menu. The shopkeeper should then automatically identify all unidentified items you currently have in your shared inventory.

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