The Poltergeist is a fairly active Ghost in Phasmophobia that likes to move objects more often than performing other Interactions. They have the ability to move multiple objects at once and can drain the Sanity of player whenever they do so. Removing the objects in an area will render the Poltergeist unable to use its ability, but it can still initiate a Hunt. This is how to identify a Poltergeist in Phasmophobia.

All Poltergeist evidence in Phasmophobia

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The Poltergeist‘s unique set of evidence is the Spirit Box, Fingerprints, and Ghost Writing. Fingerprints will not appear on the items that the Poltergeist throws and instead must be found on doors and windows that the Ghost interacts with. Windows can be heard with a knock and doors will move or creak open or closed. Removing the objects in a room will make it so the Ghost won’t favor throwing objects, making it more likely for them to interact with doors. The Poltergeist can also drain the Sanity of players after throwing objects, making a drop in Sanity a very obvious piece of evidence when identifying the Ghost.

Poltergeist Strengths and Weaknesses and what they mean in Phasmophobia

The Strengths and Weaknesses of the Poltergeist are written in the Journal as:

  • Strength – Poltergeists can throw multiple objects at once.
  • Weakness – With nothing to throw, Poltergeists become powerless.

The Strength of the Poltergeist pertains to its ability to throw multiple objects but doesn’t explain why this is so dangerous. When throwing objects, the Poltergeist drains the Sanity of nearby players by about 2% per object thrown. This can result in players getting their Sanity lowered quickly, getting them low enough for the Ghost to initiate a Hunt.

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The Weakness of the Poltergeist refers to its inability to drain the Sanity of players when throwing objects. With no objects to throw, they will instead perform other Interactions. A big misconception is that removing the objects in the Ghost Room will make it so the Poltergeist unable to Hunt. This is far from true and only applies the Poltergeist being able to drain the Sanity of players when throwing objects.

Tips for identifying a Poltergeist in Phasmophobia

The Poltergeist can often be confused with the Oni because both of them will favor moving objects as their Interactions. An Oni will move an object with a lot of force and very often. A Poltergeist will instead move multiple objects and drain the Sanity of players while doing so. Players can place all the objects within the Ghost Room close together to see if the Poltergeist moves multiple objects at once. This will usually result in many of the items being scattered around, instantly identifying the Poltergeist. This is especially useful on Nightmare difficulty.

For players trying to find clear cut evidence, removing items from the Ghost Room can be useful as it will force the Poltergeist to have to do other Interactions. Finding Fingerprints this way is especially useful as they can only be found on doors and windows.

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