The Truck Overhaul update that dropped on June 10, 2022, introduced three new ghosts to Phasmophobia. The Moroi will take a toll on players’ sanity. This particular spirit is a very verbal one, with two of its pieces of evidence obtainable by speech or writing. Let’s take a look at what’s involved with tracking the Moroi.

Phasmophobia Moroi Details

Moroi Description

Moroi have risen from the grave to drain energy from the living. They have been known to place curses on their victims, curable only by antidotes or moving very far away.

Moroi Evidence

  • Spirit Box: Only certain ghosts will talk through a Spirit Box when asked a question with your voice. Make sure the lights are turned off.
  • Ghost Writing: Some ghosts are able to write inside of books if given the proper tools to do so.
  • Freezing Temperatures: All ghosts make rooms cold. However, some have been known to make the temperature drop extremely fast.

Moroi Strengths and Weaknesses

  • Strength: The weaker their victims, the stronger the Moroi becomes.
  • Weakness: Moroi suffer from hyperosmia, weakening them for longer periods.

Tips and tricks to identify a Moroi

  • Make sure to leave a book in the suspected ghost room and ask the ghost to write in it.
  • When checking for freezing temperatures, seeing your breath is a telltale sign. Otherwise, use the thermometer and look for temps below 32 degrees Fahrenheit or below 0 degrees Celcius.
  • Keep an eye on your sanity and ensure the truck is stocked with sanity pills to refresh during an investigation.

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