To hotwire a car in Project Zomboid, you will first need to locate a working car and then hold down the V key. Holding down the V key will open the vehicle interaction menu, and in this menu, you find the option to hotwire a car.

Hotwiring a car will also take a few tires before you succeed in starting the car. If you are unsuccessful, be wary as it will create noise, which will lead zombies to your position.

However, you won’t be able to hotwire a car until you reach at least level one in Electrical and level two in Mechanics. Luckily, you can quickly level up both skills in Project Zomboid by dismantling items that list either skill as a requirement.

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For the electrical skill, you will want to break down cd players, radios, and anything that has the electrical talent as a requirement. But, for the metalworking skill, you will want to disassemble items such as dumpsters, sinks, and bathtubs.

If you ever struggle with finding an item that requires either skill, you can always check by viewing the disassemble option for the item. To check what skill an item needs for dismantling, simply look under the disassemble tab.

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Under the disassemble tab in Project Zomboid, you will see the skill required listed along with the tools requirements as shown above.

Use this tab to help you farm XP for both skills, but keep in mind you will also need tools to disassemble any item. You can find tools by searching garages, metal cabinets, and places like fire stations.

That said, once you got the tools, go on to level up both skills, and when you reach the required levels, you will be ready to start hotwiring cars.

How to hotwire a car the correct way in Project Zomboid 

Before hotwiring any old car in Project Zomboid, we highly recommend inspecting it before doing anything to it. The reason is simple: some vehicles are heavily damaged, so it’s best to avoid them.

You can also check the car’s status by right-clicking the car and clicking the option called vehicle mechanics. Keep checking vehicles until you find one that is in reasonably good condition.

When you find one that is not severely damaged, try enting the car through the driver’s side. If the car is locked, you will need to break in. But before breaking in, make sure to check the area, as you will need to smash the window.

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Smashing car windows is loud, and so if there are zombies nearby, you could potentially create a deadly situation. It is also a good idea to check as once you start hotwiring, unsuccessful attempts will lead zombies to your area.

After you check to see if the area is clear, take your weapon out first and equip it as your primary, or you will use your arm to smash the window. 

TIP: The Burglar occupation can hotwire cars without the skill requirements.

Using your arm is a horrible idea, as it will cause your character to get injured. That being said, break the window, and you will be able to start hotwiring using the steps mentioned earlier in this guide

If you manage to get a car working, yay for you, but keep in mind anyone can take the car once it starts working. So if you are playing on a multiplayer server, it might be worth keeping a close eye on your new car. 

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