Sharing your audience is part of what makes Twitch so great and there are a few options regarding hosting. Manually clicking on a Twitch Channel works but there are also automatic ways to set up a list of channels to host when offline.

How To Host While Watching A Stream

Whether online or offline, streamers can simply go directly to the channel they would like to host and click the Host button to automatically start hosting. Make sure to end your stream after hosting or the stream will continue and end up in the Video On Demand in your Past Broadcasts.

The arrow next to the Host button also lets you manage Auto Hosts. By adding a channel to Auto Host, your stream will automatically Host the selected channel whenever you are offline.

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Hosting Through Chat

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In your chat, either in the Creator Dashboard or your open stream, typing /host followed by the name of the channel will host the selected channel. An example of this would be /host Twitch and can be undone by typing /unhost without any channel name required.

Managing Your Auto Host Settings

You can check out your Auto Host settings by going to your Creator Dashboard and clicking on Settings, Channel, and then Featured Content. As long as Autohost channels is selected, your stream will Host any channel that has been added to the Autohost list. The priority can be customized for channels added as well.

Clicking on the Autohost list will let you add channels in manually as well as reorder them and delete them as you see fit.

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