Not long into the story of Axiom Verge 2, you come across a laser door that you cannot just walk threw it. Above the door, though, clear as day is a red switch. But in your arsenal at the moment is a Climbing Ice Axe and a Flashlight, nothing ranged that can hit a switch.

What you need to do is progress further into the maze of The Glacier area. Ultimately, you want to head to this area marked on the image below while avoiding the drones and the creepy head enemies to find a ranged weapon. The Nano-Boomerang is called the Gishru.

The circle is where the Boomerang is, and the square is the laser door

With this piece of kit in your inventory and automatically equipped, you now need to navigate back to where the laser door was and use the Gishru to hit the red switch, and the laser door will be deactivated so you can progress further into The Glacier area!

Now any enemy or switch that is out of your reach, the boomerang is your go-to big of equipment. However, it does less damage than the Climbing Ice Axe, so for melee encounters, still use the Axe over the Boomerang.

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