To hire more crew members in City of Gangsters, you need to have free space and need to find a location with the hireable crew members icon.

You can find a location that will let you hire crew members by looking for a location with a guy in a trench coat icon under either the icon for the building or its info tab, as shown above.

When you find a building with this icon, you will be able to hire new crew members by going to the location, speaking to the building’s owner, and clicking the option to discuss hiring more crew members.

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But it’s worth noting that you might need to be trusted by the building owner before you will be able to hire crew members from them.

To build trust, you will either go to one of your fronts and have them put the word out about you or have someone introduce you.

Either method will work and will get you in the front door, and you will be able to hire crew members from them, and as you expand your operations, you will be able to hire even more members this way in the game.

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