Psychonauts 2 is filled with adversaries that impede Raz’s journey through the minds of others, and without the proper healing tools, he’s sure to die. Make sure Raz is properly prepared by getting a grasp on the game’s healing system.

There are several ways to heal or maintain Psychic Energy in Psychonauts 2. Using each of them appropriately is integral to keeping Raz alive in the game. Each healing method is listed below:

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  1. Grulovian Drowned Eggs: Glowing eggs that spawn when Raz destroys neon green objects in the game’s world.
  2. Psi Pops: a consumable item that can be used by holding down on the d-pad when Raz is injured. These items must be used manually. Sold at the Otto-Matic for 50 Psitanium each.
  3. Dream Fluffs: When Rasputin’s health drops to zero, a Dream fluff is automatically used, fully replenishing his health. These items are used automatically. Sold at the Otto-Matic for 100 Psitanium each.

The amount of Psi Pops and Dream Fluffs that Raz can hold can be increased by buying upgrades from the Otto-Matic Machine. Each item’s storage capacity can be increased twice for 75 and 750 Psitanium, respectively.

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