Zenith: The Last City is an action-adventure VR MMORPG with a massive world to explore, quests to take, and monsters to fight. At some point in your adventure, you are likely to get hurt and require healing. This may leave some players wondering how to heal in Zenith: The Last City.

There are two ways to heal in Zenith: The Last City. The most common is to cook food to heal yourself and your allies. The other is to play a support class or have a companion that is playing a support class. There are no health potions in Zenith: The Last City, so you will have to rely on these methods to heal.

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Fortunately for players, cooking is available to all players. Cooking is a fun and in-depth system that can be overwhelming at first. Learning how to cook in Zenith: The Last City should be one of your top priorities. You can learn new recipes to expand your VR cookbook as you progress.

Those who select the support subclass will be able to use healing abilities as either a Blade Master or Essence Mage. If you decide to go the route of DPS or tank, make sure to bring a healer along or cook up some food!

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