In Yakuza Like A Dragon, you will need to manage Ichiban Kasuga’s health and that of your party members in fights by healing to ensure your survival. There are several ways to heal in Yakuza Like A Dragon, and in this guide, we will show and explain all of them to you. 

How to heal using items and abilities in Yakuza: Like A Dragon

The first way to heal Ichiban’s health and that of his party members are via the use of health items you can either purchase or find as loot in the game. These health items can include stuff like food and medical items, and most can be purchased from various small shop owners like the one in the image above.

You can also find these items as loot after battles or randomly when exploring dungeons or the game’s world. However, we recommend buying the food/medical items when you can as it is the more reliable route. 

Once you get some health items, you can use them out of combat via your inventory under items and while in battles. To use a healing item in a battle, click the “Q” key on PC or the square button for Playstation and “X” for Xbox consoles. After this, the game will present you with an item option; click the same button as you did before to open the item menu. 

Then you should see a list of all of the HP/MP replenishing items available to you. To use one, simply move the movement keys and hit the use button on the one you want to use. You should also note that you can only use items on a character when it is their turn. Along with that, if you use an item during combat, you will not be able to do any actions until your character’s next turn.

The next method for healing is via the use of abilities that some party members have with their respective classes. Naban, in particular, has skills that come with his homeless guy class that can heal other party members. If you want to use a party member’s healing skill, you will need to open up skills while in battle and select the skill when it is their turn. 

How to heal using Restaurants and Recovery points

The next healing method in Yakuza Like A Dragon is by using various fridges in locations across the game world. These locations are called recovery points, and by visiting them, you can recover both the health and MP of Ichi and his party members. To find these locations, simply find the heart icon as shown above on the map. As a side note, you won’t always have this option throughout the game, so we don’t recommend relying solely on it.

The final option to heal in Yakuza Like A Dragon is by visiting the various restaurants spread across the game’s world. You can find these spots via a spoon and fork black icon on the map. If you are still unsure where to find one, check the above below for a reference.

Once you find a restaurant, you will need to go inside and talk to the person behind the counter, and this will open up a menu where you can pick and choose food selections to create a meal combo or just the recommended option. If you choose the right meal combo, you could stand to gain both your health and mp back and some decent experience points to boot. 

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