As a titan slayer in Roblox Titanage, getting smacked around by giant titans is inevitable. Chances are it will happen sooner than later, but taking punches causes more than a lowered health bar. Broken bones are an added mechanic and if you don’t heal yourself, it could alter your experience with the game. Here are all the healing options below.

Speak to the Medic

To heal with the Medic, click on the NPC and choose the I want you to fix me up option for 150 cash. The Medic always charges 150 cash and will heal all of your broken limbs, returning your state back to normal.

Perhaps the quickest way to heal yourself is by speaking to the Medic, who is located just beside the titan elevator in the hub area. He’s a bit hard to make out at first, but he’s always found standing in front of a pillar.

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Medic Skill Tree

Upgrading the Medic skill tree comes in handy even if you don’t intend on playing that role. The Self Heal ability allows you to use bandages on yourself to heal, completely free of charge. Unlocking the Self Heal costs 4 skill points in addition to unlocking the previous skills in the tree, but the effort is well worth it.

Additional helpful Medic skills for healing include:

  • Regen [I, II, II]
  • Bandages
  • Bandage Bag

Ask a Medic

Other players who have unlocked the Bandages ability in the Medic skill tree can heal you if you’re in a pinch. By asking for a medic in chat, another player can give you a bandage and heal all your wounds free of charge. This is helpful both in and out of battle, and will save you 150 cash, bypassing the Medic NPC entirely.

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