Icarus is a multiplayer survival game where players must explore and conquer an alien planet. Along the way, they will encounter dangerous wildlife and hazardous storms. Both of these can hurt or kill the player and a handful of other things. So players may be wondering how to heal in Icarus.

There are a couple of different ways to heal in Icarus. Which method you use will depend on what ailment you have. There is a natural health regeneration that is normally quite slow. It is affected by various status conditions as well. The other methods of healing require scavenging or crafting.

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Some food can also restore health to the player. View each item’s description to see if it will provide healing. When afflicted with the wound status, you will need to use a bandage. For broken bones, you will need to use a suture kit. You can see what statuses afflict your character at the bottom left of your screen and in your inventory.

So if you want to stay alive, you will need to scavenge healing food and learn the blueprints so you can craft bandages and suture kits. It only takes one mistake to end your prospector’s career in Icarus.

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