To heal health and HP in Gltichpunk, you will need to purchase either one of two consumables from stores or vending machines in the game. 

The first option for healing is to purchase first aid kits that can be bought from vending machines and found via a first aid icon on the map. 

These items, once bought, will be placed on a small Hotbar on the top right of your screen, and if you press Q, you will consume a first-aid kit and heal yourself.

If you can’t find these vending machines, always try looking at the legend by pressing your map key and looking at the left of your screen. The same also applies to the other method of healing, which is via pizza shops.

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All over the map, there are small pizza shops marked by pizza slice icons, and players are able to purchase food from these shops for a relatively low price and regen health slowly upon consumption. 

You can also use pizza slices similar to other consumables in the game; once bought, press Q to use them when they are placed on your Hotbar.

That said, we highly recommend picking up a few first aid kits, as you can die quite quickly in this game if you are not careful. 

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