To heal health in Fatal Frame, players will need to gather heal items such as sacred water and herbal medicine. Players can find both lying on the ground throughout levels, and they can also purchase them at the start of each level or drop.

If you want to purchase health items, you will first need to have points you earn from taking really good pictures of ghosts that cause a lot of damage to them.

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When you have the required points, you will then need to view the item store inside the load menu. You can purchase items from this small store before you start the game and after you choose your difficulty. Here are the prices each item costs in the game.

  • Herbal medicine: costs 500 points for one container 
  • Sacred water: costs 1000 points for one bottle

Once you have a small amount of both, you can use either item while in the game by opening up the menu and viewing the item option. 

Under items, click one either of the items and then hit confirm. Doing so will heal your health, allowing you to continue fighting ghosts for another day in Fatal Frame. 

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