Health is always a significant thing within gaming as it keeps you alive, and Breakwaters is no different. You have a health bar and one heart upon starting the game. Each heart symbol is equal to one health bar.

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There are multiple ways to recover your health to heal back up to full. The easiest way is after you have built the Builders Bench, aka the Crafting Table, navigate to the Contraptions tab, scroll down to Furniture and build yourself a Hammock.

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By interacting with the hammock, you’ll sleep on it and restore +five/health per second. So in the early game, the hammock is incredibly valuable, especially if you like to play dangerously and explore. Then as you progress you can get new furniture such as a Picnic Table and a Bed, which increase the rate of health replenishment.

Another way to heal us is by cooking meals using the Firepit. All that raw meat you may have been hoarding for such an occasion comes to use by cooking it. This food will have recovery stats which makes it much viable than eating berries all the time.

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