There are few events more iconic in High School than one’s Prom. But what about your Sims’ Prom event? Here’s what you need to do to set up their formal dance. For Sims 4 players who don’t have the High School Years Expansion pack, we’ve got you covered with a mod recommendation!

How to set up Prom in The Sims 4 – High School Years

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When it comes time for Prom, you’ll have the event at the Auditorium next to Copperdale High School. You don’t have to set up your venue as you do with birthdays or weddings, so you can simply just show up at Prom when the event pops up. The Sims 4 has Prom planned and ready to go for players eager to jump in.

If you want to, however, you can prepare the Prom venue to your liking. To prepare the building for Prom, go into Build/Buy Mode and activate Formal Dance under Lot Type in the left corner to edit the setup. Confirm that you have all of the requirements listed in the Lot Type tab and enter Live Mode when you’re finished.

When does Prom happen in High School Years?

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You can check when Prom will happen for your High School Sims by looking at your Sims’ calendar on the bottom left of the UI screen. This is the same calendar you use for all other events in The Sims 4. You’ll be able to check the time of the event and the guests attending. To be careful, try not to schedule any events that would overlap with the Prom time.

How to download Sims 4 Prom Event Mod

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Made by KiaraSims4Mods, this mod is one of the most popular event mods for its simplicity and upfront functionality. It’s an event addition to the game that help maintains the illusion of a real prom for players who don’t have the High School Years expansion pack. The Prom Event Mod requires both The Sims 4 Base Game and the Get Together expansion pack.

To download the mod, follow the link above or go to the KiaraSims4Mods School-Related Events page to directly download it from the menu. Select Download and then find the file on your PC. Drag the file to your Mods folder from the path of Documents-Electronic-Arts-The Sims 4-Mods. Make sure you have mods enabled in your Game Options in The Sims 4 and you’re ready to throw your Prom!

What is in the Sims 4 Prom Event Mod?

The Prom Event mod is a pretty simple mod without much in the way of frills. This is great due to its small file size and easy-to-update features. Users have reported that this mod rarely has bugs and works smoothly. The only real addition to the game with this mod is the event mechanic itself. This will give you a dress code, guided actions to complete, and venue suggestions.

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