To get perfect relationships in BitLife, you must perform positive actions and activities when interacting with NPCs. Perform enough positive actions, and the relationship meeter will increase over time to its highest level. 

You can perform positive actions and activities by clicking on any NPC’s profile in the game. To click on NPC profiles, you will usually need to find them under the Relationship Tab or Co-Workers Tab. The Relationship Tab will display all of your current family members and friends. The Co-Workers tab will display all of the people who work at your place of employment.

Clicking on any of their profiles will display a list of actions you can use to increase their relationship. These actions include gifting items and spending time with certain NPCs if they are already your friends. We recommended using the following actions to increase relationships to perfect in BitLife:

  • Gift
  • Movie Theater
  • Spend Time
  • Compliment
  • Concert
  • Conversation
  • Party
  • Watch YouTube

How to get 10 Perfect Relationships in BitLife

If you want to get 10+ perfect relationships for the Jekyll & Hyde Challenge, the best way is to get a job. Having a job gives you access to several people you can focus on increasing their relationship with you. Get a job, and then find the Co-Worker tab under your job’s name. You can find your current job under the Job tab in BitLife. 

Your job’s name will display a Co-Workers tab under job activities. Click on the Co-Workers tab, and see an extensive list of NPCs. Click on any of these NPC’s names, and you will access their Relationship Tab. Under their Relationship Tab, you will need to perform specific actions such as gifting and giving compliments.

Eventually, if you keep gifting and being a nice person to an NPC, they will want to become a friend. When this happens, you will be able to do other actions to increase their relationship with you even further. Keep being nice and performing friendly actions to the NPC until they reach a perfect relationship with you. Once you reach a perfect relationship, move on to another NPC until you have a total of 10 people with whom you have perfect relationships. 

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