Want a little junior running around your Farmhouse? If so, you just need your spouse in Stardew Valley to ask you! Do this by having the right equipment set up in your home. While the chances of them asking is low, they will eventually if you are patient.

What do you need to do to have children in Stardew Valley?

If you want to have a biological child in Stardew Valley, you’ll need to find someone to love and get married to. Once you have gotten married, keep your relationship level with them at a level 10. Keep upgrading your home.

Once you have upgraded your home enough to include a nursery, purchase and place a crib in that room. You have to have these things before having a child, even if this sounds counterintuitive. Play as normal from here, because you have a 5% chance of your spouse requesting to have a kid with you. Be patient, as this could take a while.

How to adopt a child in Stardew Valley

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Adopting a child in Stardew Valley is not too different than having a biological one. The difference is that you will need to get married to someone of the same gender, but you still need to continue to maintain a high-quality relationship with your spouse.

Just like with a biological child, you will need to have first upgraded your Farmhouse to include the nursery and add a crib to the room. Keep playing like normal and wait for your spouse to ask. You have a 5% chance of your spouse asking you if you want to adopt a child.

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