To have an alien encounter in BitLife, you will need to purchase and fly a low condition helicopter or airplane until you eventually get an encounter with an alien. 

You can purchase a helicopter by going to the aircraft dealer under assets and the go shopping tab. However, before you can get a helicopter, you will first need to get a pilot’s license. 

You can get one of these by visiting the license tab under activities or clicking the prompt that pops up when you try to buy an aircraft without one. 

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That said, getting a pilot’s license requires a few steps, so if you want help with it, we highly recommend checking out our pilot test answers and how to become a pilot in BitLife guides. 

Once you have the right license, you will be able to get a helicopter or an airplane. But before you go purchase the best one you can, make sure it is low condition as it is required to get an increased chance for random encounters. 

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If you have a high condition aircraft, you will just get the best conditions, so because of that, it’s ideal for getting low condition planes or helicopters for random encounters.

When you get your aircraft, take it out flying until you get an encounter with an alien in BitLife. To do this, find the aircraft under assets and click it. Under its profile tab in assets, there will be an option labeled fly.

Keep using the fly option until you encounter an alien, and if you get encounters that are not the Alien one, just close the app. Closing the app will allow you to reroll the encounter and continue to repeat the fly step until you encounter an Alien in Bitlife.

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