As progression happens in the story of Foreclosed, you’ll receive an implant update that allows you to start hacking unprotected devices. Yet, the title does not explain how to do this.

When you get to the door, you are meant to hack to open it. You must first select the keypad to the right of the door by walking up to it. If done correctly, a yellow outline will have appeared around the keypad, but more importantly, above it, a set of four arrows will have appeared.

Now, this arrow combination is the inputs you need to press one after the other from top to bottom to hack the door open successfully. For example, look at the picture below.

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I need to press down, down, left, right, on either D-Pad if using a controller, or using the arrow keys if playing on keyboard and mouse. These are time-sensitive and must be done swiftly. The bar to the right of the arrow keys, this is your timer. The second you press your first input, the bar will slowly empty, and all four inputs need to be inputted before this timer expires.

If you mess up, don’t worry. You only have to wait a few seconds before attempting to hack again, but the four inputs will have changed as they are randomized.

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