To hack in Glitchpunk, you will first need to get a module, equip it to your character, and then press shift to activate it. When the player hits the shift key, they will be presented with a number of targets lit up by yellow circles on civilians or hostiles, cars, and other objectives.

What target you will need to choose will depend on the hack you are trying to use or what modules you have equipped. For example, the hack hater-x requires you to target either hostile NPCs or civilians for it to be used. 

You will also need focus to use hacks, and every hack and module will use a certain amount of your focus to activate. Using hater-x as an example again requires 40 focus to activate, and once activated, you will lose 40 focus and need to regen it.

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To regen focus you can either wait for it to come back on its own through passive regen, or find a vending machine selling Phoenix. Phoenix is a consumable drug that players can purchase and use via the q key to regen a small amount of focus.  

That said, you can find a vending machine selling the drug viva an icon on the map of two pills. When you locate a Phoenix vending machine, we highly, we highly recommend using the drug if you have a lot of hacks you want to use in the game. 

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