The fifth seed in Dragon Quest Builders 2 is the tomato seed. You can acquire them by talking to the Orc in Furrowfield, which is a main quest. If you walk with a dog around the area, the dog will bark when he finds the tomato seeds.

You can create a farm as usual, with your Scarecrow, a water source, and villagers. Make sure you keep one extra block on each side so you can build a moat around the field.

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After the villagers have sown the field, take out a hammer and break the ground all the way around your field to create an empty moat. Fill that moat with water to keep the field healthy and hydrated.

Make Planting Poles (3 wood and 1 cord) by going to the crafting station and finding them in the Farming Equipment menu. They are crafted in sets of 10, so make as many as you need. Every spot you want to farm in will require one pole.

After making the Planting Poles, head back to your field and plant one in each spot you intend to plant tomato seeds. Plant the tomato seeds on the same spots where the poles were placed.

The villagers will handle the farming from there, players only need to harvest when it’s done.

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