Giant crops have long been a thing in classic farming games, and Rune Factory 4 Special isn’t shy about bringing the feature back. Giant crops are worth way more money than regular ones and can be used to make a hefty profit. The only issue is that they can be tricky to grow at first.

How do I grow giant crops in Rune Factory 4 Special?

While giant crops may seem like a rare or random occurrence, there is an exact science for growing them in Rune Factory 4 Special. You don’t need to have the best farming tools in the game, or do any hard missions. Simply follow these steps to create giant crops:

  • Make 2×2 squares and plant the same type of crop in each of them.
  • Use Giantizer on the crops and tend to them each day.
  • Once they are fully grown don’t harvest them, they will need a few extra days in the ground to merge into a giant crop.

There are a few additional elements that can affect giant crop growth. High-quality soil is a big player in growing a giant crop, so make your square on parts of the field that have sz+. You should also only plant crops that are in season, as out-of-season crops have a much harder time growing.

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If needed, you can use Greenifier on the soil to help raise its quality quickly. The more crops you grow in the soil, the better it will be, making it easier to grow giant crops in the future.

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