If you want to make the most out of your time in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, then you need to use the game’s various features. This is especially important if you want to always have a supply of crafting materials. To make your life a bit easier, you can grow crops that are used for crafting in the game.

You will be able to start growing crops shortly after you start the game. The field is located across the bridge from the main shops in Jubilife City. Talking to the man standing directly in front of the field will give you the option to grow several different types of crops like berries or medicinal herbs.

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You will need to pay a small fee to grow these crops:

  • Berries: 500 Pokedollars
  • Medical herbs: 1,000 Pokedollars
  • Vegetable: 1,500 Pokedollars
  • Mushroom: 2,000 Pokedollars
  • Mini Harvest: 10,000 Pokedollars

In addition, you can make a second field by completing Help Wanted: Rock Smashing in the Fields.

The crops will grow while you’re out exploring the world, but you shouldn’t expect to harvest them quickly. It seems to take a couple of hours for a harvest to grow. Luckily, you do get dozens of herbs and berries with each harvest, so having them constantly growing is a huge help.

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