Gems are one of the most important virtual currencies in Roblox Tower Defense Simulator, as they allow you to buy certain exclusive Towers like Accelerator and Engineer. You can get Gems by playing the hardcore mode of the game. But to get Gems quicker, you will need to complete your wave/game earlier. To do that, you will need a good team composition that can take down enemies much faster. Something like Ace Pilot and Military Base is a fantastic combo in grinding Gems due to their high damage numbers and fire rate.

Step by Step instruction to grind Gems quicker in Roblox Tower Defense

  • First and foremost, make sure your loadout contains Ace Pilot and Military Base, as our strategy revolves around it. 
  • Jump inside any map of your choice. We recommend choosing Autumn Falling or Marshlands as it is one of the best maps for our tactics.
  • Place Ace Pilot during the first round and upgrade item by wave 3. During wave 5, introduce the second Ace Pilot and upgrade that till wave 10.
  • Around round 10, you will face invisible, so place down the Military Base to tackle them as Ace Pilot cannot attack them. Keep on skipping levels as your troops will take care of the incoming troops.
  • Repeat the process of upgrading and buying both the Towers. You will need to have at least 4 Military bases and 2 Ace Pilots by Wave 20. 
  • The moment you see a slow inside the game, sell your towers and allow the enemies to go through and get defeated. By now, you would have spent 9-10 minutes in the lobby and collected around 20-30 Gems along with Exp.
  • Repeat a similar match again and gather the required amount of Gems needed for you. Using this method, you can easily farm around 180 Gems per hour, but this can vary a little due to the randomness of the reward algorithm.

Remember, the entire tactic revolves around you spending less time inside the game using Towers that can finish/complete rounds faster.

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