Tower Defense Simulator is one of the best Tower Defense games available on Roblox, allowing you to unlock plenty of different troop types and challenge yourself to waves of unique raging mobs. To level up and increase your chances at the more challenging maps, you will need to buy some better troops and weaponry. You will need some Coins and plenty of them. Here’s the easiest way for you to collect Coins as quickly as possible.

Find a Mega Match

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Finding a Mega match to jump into is the best way to earn Coins quickly. You will gain more Coins from these Mega matches than you could from the regular modes. Completing an easy Mega game will earn you up to 700 Coins each time, and the more challenging modes will net you even more than that. Unfortunately, you must be level 15+ to join these.

Join an Easy difficulty Match

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If you aren’t quite at the right level for Mega, you can also play any regular mode to earn Coins. Playing Easy matches is ultimately the best way to grind Coins since they take less time to complete. Each Easy match takes about 15 minutes to complete, so you can play up to three or four matches in an hour, depending on how strong your troops are. Completing an Easy match can earn you up to 500 Coins.

Team up with others

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Teaming up with friends is another great way to earn Coins more quickly. Each match can host up to four players at a time, so utilize this as much as possible. The more people in a match, the more troops you can place down, and the better your chances are of defending the tower and getting the Triumph.

Survive till the End

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You can earn coins even if you happen to lose the match, but if you’re hoping to grind Coins most efficiently, you’ll want to win as much as possible. Completing Easy matches can earn you 500+ Coins each time, which means you can make up to 1,500+ Coins each hour. You’ll be rich in no time, and you can buy all the Gold Crates you could want!

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